Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome | Video on TED.com

Carm got sent an online video with a guy who started a website: http://1000awesomethings.com/ . The video is an inspirational talk about having a good attitude, being aware, and being authentic. Its probably one of the best motivational speeches that I've heard. Its long, but certainly worth listening to.

His blog, 1000 Awesomethings is a much better version of my idle pleasures, here's some examples of his awesome things:
#323 The sound of a freshly cracked egg hitting a hot frying pan ;
#325 Jumping through the sprinkler in your bathing suit ;
#335 Catching someone you love admiring you from across the room.

Really good stuff! He notes fleeting great moments that we may just notice in passing (or not pay attention to at all) but don't stop to savor. This blog is now on my must read list.