Wednesday, January 5, 2011

whenever we want

The dogs are starting to get tired of us being home so many days. Their eyes bore into us willing us to go away so that they can sleep. Instead I just curled up on the futon with them and read a book. I guess you could call that my idle pleasure. And theirs too - they were sound asleep as I turned my electronic pages. Last night I finished Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, today I got through a book of short stories by Stephen Leacock. I just started on another book of short stories, this time by a modern day writer (Kaye George).
On our little walk outside this afternoon we checked out the bush/tree in front of the bedroom window that has to be cut down. Doing so will stop our little friend the cardinal from knocking at our window in the early morning!

We had supper out with retired neighbors. Its weird to be doing things mid-week, but I guess we'll now be able to do things WHENEVER WE WANT!!!! :-) I feel pretty mellow and relaxed - like the first week or two of a long vacation, before you starting thinking about having to go back to work. I wonder how long this feeling will last?

Today's word of the day is proselytize (PRAH-suh-luh-tyze verb - to induce someone to convert to one's faith ; to recruit someone to join one's party, institution, or cause.) I have been known to proselytize about converting to RAW feeding for your dog or cat. We switched over to RAW a few years ago. The dogs underwent a minor transformation - their coats shone more, with less shedding by Kabira, their breath became sweet and their teeth clean, their poops became smaller and firmer (easier to pick up). Overall they just seem more healthy. Its a bit more work, and may cost a bit more (although less than a premium grain-free kibble), but we feel it is well worth the effort. I plan on writing up a page about RAW later.

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