Monday, January 31, 2011

Something Fishy

Today we headed into town for our weekly round of shopping. Lots of food shopping, including a stop at T&T, an Asian grocery store. It was so interesting, with lots of different foods - sauces, noodles, dried mushrooms, dried fish (picked up a little pack for dog treats), rices, meats (the dogs scored some pork neck at $0.69lb), tanks of fish (the American eels and huge king crab caught my eye), frozen fishes (got a pack of frozen fish for the dogs for $2.99 for almost 1kg), and the list goes on. We will definitely be going back, next time though we'll meet my parents there and have some lunch in the little restaurant. Plus we hit up the fabric store for some more piping filler and Michaels (a craft store) for some more yarn. My projects are moving ahead and I'm actually going through materials. I have 14 granny squares now, one or two that actually look decent.

Idle pleasures today: This morning the sun was shining in such a way that the steam from my coffee was highlighted, down to the droplet of moisture. The cool morning air of the house caused rivulets and eddies, swirling the steam around. Lame I know... Another pleasure, stopping at the abattoir and getting a big bag of beef neck bones for just $5.00. Better still, when I opened them up at home and saw how meaty they are I was especially pleased, the dogs are going to love them. Here's another one - coming out of a dark store into the bright winter sunshine - it was just so nice, even though the high was only -16C.

Sometimes Spike is a bit of a hoodlum
(young ruffian)
Today's word of the day is hoodlum (HOOD-lum noun 1: thug; especially : a violent criminal ; 2: a young ruffian). The civil unrest in Egypt has brought out all the hoodlums from the woodwork. It seems that they would be having peaceful demonstrations and concourse if it weren't for the looters and other criminals that are taking advantage of the situation. Many countries are afraid that the extreme fundamentlists will find a way to takeover - lets hope that the common man's rights and desires prevail. We are so lucky to live in a peaceful, democratic country.