Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bathetic Babble

Grace playing with her toys
I forgot to post my idle pleasure yesterday - coming in from an afternoon out, starving, and munching on some sweet, salty beer nuts that were leftover from the party. They are so yummy, sweet and salty at the same time.

Here's another notable pleasure from yesterday - as we were driving into town there's a stretch of road that has a lot of scrubby bushes and some taller trees. Its usually not particularly attractive, but yesterday the light was just right to highlight the deep red mahogany color of the bushes against the grey trunks of the trees. It was very pleasing to the eye.

And yet one more, not quite an idle pleasure, but something that gave a good feeling non-the-less - I was waiting in the crowded doctor's office, expecting a long wait, when just 10 minutes past my appointment time I was called into the office. Excellent :-)

Today's pleasure - eating my homemade bread straight from the toaster with a little butter. The toast is warm and slightly crunchy, with a slight salty taste from the butter. Add to that the pleasure of knowing that the bread is made my my own hands and you've got a satisfying moment. (do you notice a trend with the eating pleasures - I'd better start loving a salad or I'll be in big (no pun intended - okay, yes there is) trouble!).

The speech and blog that I posted about yesterday made me realize that I have to have better awareness and celebrate all these little moments that bring pleasure. I'm going to try - no, not try, I AM going to be better at that - maybe being in the habit of noticing will help to divert any depressions that may otherwise come my way. They aren't all idle pleasures, as per the title of my blog, however, I find many of my daily pleasures are not based on idleness (although some certainly are), but on my accomplishments (however small), and my experiences with the world around me.
Love yourself first
and everything else falls into line.
You really have to love yourself
to get anything done in this world.
Lucille Ball, 1911-1989
American Actress and Comedienne
Today's word of the day is bathetic (buh-THET-ik adjective : characterized by triteness or sentimentalism). Maybe the writing in this post has become bathetic as I try to incorporate more positive thinking into my life. This morning I sat down to my computer to get a start on writing this, I had nothing to say, and then blurp it was there.

I added a new blog to my list - - its a fun site that re-purposes Ikea stuff into other things. Handy for around the house or camper. A lot of Ikea stuff is of slightly smaller dimension which makes them perfect for the camper. I replaced the pedestal table that came with our camper with a smaller, 4-legged, table from Ikea. The smaller size frees up more room (at a premium in the camper) and it expands to seat 4 when needed, The space beneath it, which is freed up by having 4 legs instead of a pedestal, fits Kabira's bed perfectly - one less dog underfoot!

And finally, I'd like to welcome my new follower - Serenata - she's a kiwi that lives both in Britan and NZ. She's a musician whose also into sewing, cooking, and all those fun retro things. She also has a horse :-) And who knows, the world is so small maybe she'll run into Kirsten while she's in NZ!