Monday, January 3, 2011


We had a bit more sun in the morning than during the last several days. It's a great pick-me-up. Thinking it would be a nice day for a drive, we headed into town this afternoon. As soon as we got out the gate the sky clouded over. Coming home there was a section of road that was snow-covered. So much for the nice drive! We got some groceries and nice produce (for a stirfry) so at least the trip is worthwhile.

"Me and My Dog" made a comment on her blog the other day about keeping track of the days during retirement. So I replied how I was keeping a daily journal and that I have gadgets on my desktop to show me the day/date. Its clear that I'm newly retired and not yet in the groove as all the retired people responded that you don't need to keep track! What a concept. I'm not sure if my IT background will grant me that leeway though!

Today's word of the day is concrete (kahn-KREET adjective - naming a real thing or class of things ; formed by coalition of particles into one solid mass ; relating to or involving specific people, things, or actions rather than general ideas or qualities ; relating to or made of concrete. I should be making some concrete plans to go to New Zealand to visit my sister, but so many things seem to stop me. I'd like to see how retirement feels, get rested up and relaxed, and then see how it goes. Its such a long trip and with the time being backwards I'm worried I might have my current stablity toppled. I guess that's my biggest worry. I've worked so hard and been so careful to get to my current healthiness that I'm afraid to do something that might set me back. I do want to see Kirsten, Shawn and the girls though.

stirring the stirfry