Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plinth in the Past

Carm and I had to go into town today for a doctor appointment so I took advantage of being in town and met Jo Ellen for lunch. So that was my very lovely idle pleasure- having lunch with a good friend. It was nice to just relax and have a nice lunch without worrying about getting back to work on time - unfortunately Jo Ellen did though (I did feel some guilt about that)! Carm had lunch with his folks. After lunch we got back together, did our groceries (we now have so much produce it took over some of the beer fridge), headed to Future Shop for an xbox 360 (still not in stock) and then headed home (and a cup of tea). A busy day for two retirees! 

One of our stops was Rockland Textiles for some piping cord - I'll be making my own piping to go with the cushions I'm sewing. They have so much lovely fabric there I could have re-done our room many times over. Even Carm got caught up looking at things. Now I have no excuses though, so I'd better get cracking and get some sewing done.

Today's word of the day is plinth (PLINTH noun 1: the lowest part of the base of an architectural column ; 2: a block used as a base (as for a statue)). Now this is a tricky one as we don't have tons of columns or statues around the place - the first thing that sprang into my mind was "Nelson's Column" in Trafaglar Square in London. I don't know why, maybe because I remember sitting on the plinth and feeding the pigeons when I was just a little girl (I was 11 when we lived in England). Even at eleven I was struck by the history at every turn. It would be great to go back now, with Carm who knows everything there is to know about everything - I'll bet he could really bring the history to life.

Supper tonight is a bottle of bubbles to celebrate 2 weeks today being retired, and just some nibbly snacks.