Friday, January 28, 2011

A No Sew Zone

Today's word of the day is tog (TAHG verb : to dress especially in fine clothing -- usually used with up or out). This almost immediately brought to mind a dress that I bought years ago. I was going to my Aunt's wedding in Medicine Hat Alberta and needed a nice dress. As I was walking through the shopping mall I spotted this gorgeous coral sequin dress. I immediately fell in love - I had to have that dress. The last few weddings that I had been to were big Italian weddings where this dress would have been totally in fitting with everyone else. Medicine Hat on the other hand... lets just say that I was togged out way beyond what was normal for there. It was more than a little embarrassing. I wore that dress one more time on that trip, in the restaurant at Chateau Lake Louise. Somehow it seemed more fitting there - my dress just paled against the grand setting. I still have that dress and maybe, just maybe I'll be that size again so I can wear it one more time.

I spent more time with the sewing machine and seam ripper again today. I was making a cushion cover for a bed size pillow (for the window seat). It has a few different fabrics and piping. I may not be cut out for sewing - it's just too hard - I'm pretty sure Grace learned a few bad words... Part way through I put the partially completed cover over a pillow and asked for Carm's feedback - silence. Oh boy - how about the piping? "the piping is great...". He did redeem himself after I was all finished and had the cover properly stuffed with a pillow. Then he went on about how nice it was and what a great job - husbands are sometimes good for making you think you are good at something even when you aren't.

I wish I would have put piping on the loveseat cover as well...
Almost forgot to mention my pleasure for today - its probably not hard to guess though - today I celebrated each time I did a row of sewing without having to rip it out! I did a couple of boneheads early in the day so every successful stitch after that was good/excellent/hurray I did it/whew!