Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harmonious Harmonica

The word today is ninja (NIN-juh noun : a person trained in ancient Japanese martial arts and employed especially for espionage and assassinations). I just can't think of how this might work into my life. I don't watch martial arts movies (although Carm does on occasion). I have never taken any martial arts (although Carm took ju jitsu years ago but he hardly became a ninja). I don't know anyone who's studied martial arts to that level (neither does Carm). So that's that!

Our house cleaner came in today for perhaps the last time. We'll keep her phone number around in case we want to call her in for a one off, but it looks like it will be Carm and I with rags in hand trying to keep the place spic and span (remember that old cleaner - does it still exist?). We've had a cleaner since just after we got married, except for a short period a few years ago when we were between cleaners. It took a large extra task out of the week, which was important as we worked full time and had the parrots for the first number of years and then added the horses when we moved here. We were busy all the time and would have been really stretched if we had to keep the house clean as well. As it was, in our previous house, I spent one hour cleaning parrot cages everyday, and an additional 30 minutes preparing their food. In this house things were easier as the bird room was set up to be hosed, which I did once a week. But then we went and added a bunch of horses, just a different (heavier!) kind of cleaning and feeding. When I think back to how much we got done during those years with the birds and the horses I wonder how we did it.

I started reading "A Place of My Own" by Michael Pollan yesterday. One paragraph really struck me as it put into words my feelings about work and my relationship with my job.
"Oh, it was real work (I guess), but it didn't always feel that way, possibly because there were whole parts of me it failed to address. (Like my body, with the exception of the carpal tunnel in my wrist.) Nor did what I do seem to add much, if anything, to the stock of reality, and though this might be a dated or romantic notion in an age of information, it seemed to me this was something real work should do."
My Dad sent us a link to a guy playing the harmonica at Carnegie Hall. The guy is amazing! Who ever knew a harmonica could sounnd like this!  (the site is like youtube).