Monday, January 17, 2011

Crochet Two

What a beautiful sunny COLD day! It was just -21 C at 11:00 am and didn't get much warmer than that. A quintessential Canadian winter day. Even Spike didn't want to go for much of a tromp today and ran back to the house at the earliest opportunity.

It seems that Merriam Webster is living in my house as today's word of the day is procrastinate (pruh-KRAS-tuh-nayt verb - 1: to put off intentionally and habitually ; 2: to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done). Wasn't it just yesterday that I talked about the treadmill? Didn't I find a "reason" to avoid it today? Oh dear. I should be more aware of my tendency to procrastinate about the things I don't really want to do and try to overcome it.

This morning I was carrying clean laundry into the bedroom, as I was walking I dropped 3 socks. So I asked Spike to bring them to me in the bedroom. He first brought one and then went back and picked up the other two together. Needless to say he got a big treat for being so helpful and clever! "Bring it" is a very useful command that once its generalized can be used to bring any number of things that you might point to. Although the danger of course is that he'll start bringing things on his own (crochet comes to mind!).

I surfed the internet till I found easy to follow instructions for a Granny Square. This was my goal today and with much trial and redo I managed to get two squares done. I still need practice for sure as the squares are a bit wonky...

my idle pleasure - crocheting in the sun

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