Sunday, January 9, 2011

Food for All

snow-birding looks pretty good right now!
Today had some sun - yippee! We took advantage of the nicer day and drove to pick up the dog food. We buy blocks of frozen raw ground meat, bone & organ. The lady that we get if from just moved out to the country so we had some new roads to travel over. Some were snow-covered, but it was nice to get out - I haven't left the property for a week!

For lunch we had grilled cheese sandwiches, made with the Moroccan bread and some provolone cheese - they were so good - we could have been eating at a trendy restaurant (maybe not quite that good but good nonetheless). Then I roasted some garlic, and the eggplant that I didn't use the other day to make a roasted garlic eggplant spread that we will have on crackers with our lunch tomorrow. I'm really enjoying having this extra time to spend on cooking and yes, eating! Carm's not unhappy about it either ;-)