Saturday, January 8, 2011

Woebegone Bone Be Gone

Can you believe its another grey, snowy day? The snow isn't coming down hard, just a light snow, but enough to make the roads slippery. At least when its coming down harder it makes a nice fluffy snow base to play in. I didn't even go outside yesterday - it just wasn't inspiring. Oh wait - yes I did go out - at 3 AM - darn dogs are getting into a habit of getting up in the middle of the night and wanting outside. Last night first it was Spike - we ignored him and eventually he went back to sleep, then it was Kabira - if she's asking she needs to go. But after I got to the front door and she wasn't there I realized that someone was probably in her bed. I let them out anyway, just in case. This habit has GOT TO STOP!

Today's word of the day is woebegone (WOH-bih-gahn adjective - strongly afflicted with woe : woeful ; exhibiting great woe, sorrow, or misery ; being in a sorry state.) She no longer wore a woebegone expression as the weekend drew close to the end. Weekends no longer hold a real meaning except that power rates are cheaper, stores will be busy if we head out shopping, and our working friends are available. Aside from that - no more Sunday night! Spike is also good at the woebegone expression - or would that be crestfallen? - especially when he knows its time to come back inside the house. He loves being outside and would stay out for hours, the problem is that he follows his nose and would end up off the property if we left him out alone. Not good with the busy roads around us.

Spike with the undesireable bone
There were a few kerfuffles at our house today as the dogs all tried to the get same antler chew (Thanks Mary and Oscar!). There are 2 of them, but the long smooth one just isn't as desirable for some reason. The other one is getting pretty short so they'll be down to just the "yucky" one soon. Spike is very possessive of things and has trouble sharing. Anyway, there were some woebegone dogs after I picked up all the bones so that no one had them!

fun in the snow