Friday, January 14, 2011

House of the Rising in the Sun

its a very sticky dough
This morning I made bread from my own recipe (it didn't literally rise in the sun, but the sun warmed the house where the bread was rising, hence the post title - its a stretch I know!). This bread is about as healthy as bread goes - here's the ingredients:
 whole wheat flour; Bran ; Cornmeal ; Yeast ; Molasses ; Olive oil ; Water ; Salt ; Eggs; Oatmeal ; Ground flax ; Sunflower seeds ; Seasame seeds (I didn't have the last 2 ingredients so used chopped walnuts - a good source of omega 3's)

Its a heavy, grainy bread that tastes good fresh or toasted. You wouldn't like it if you just liked processed white breads. We  find it is great for sandwiches and is fantastic with stews. We'll have it tonight with green beans and mushrooms sauteed and then tossed with lentils cooked with sage, paprika, garlic and onions. Simple but healthy. Lucky for me Carm loves these types of meals.

fresh out of the oven with butter and proscuitto - yum

Today's word of the day is jubilate (JOO-buh-layt verb : rejoice). I can think of many reasons to jubilate - just being alive and healthy is one. I jubuilate in the returning of the sun (although you wouldn't know it from all the cloud cover we've had lately); I rejoice in the love of my husband, family and friends. I will really be rejoicing at the end of winter when we can hitch up the camper and head out somewhere!  If we all look at our lives I'm sure everyone can find reasons to jubuilate. Its sometimes easy to find them when times are good, but its most important to remember them when times may be bad. Try not to forget about your reasons.

Its hard not to have a feeling of well-being on such a glorious, sunny day. The sun drew us outside so we went for a tromp around the property. There is not much snow cover so it was easy to traverse the fields. We still had to keep the dogs away  from the creek as it is still running in places (so pretty!) - I think they would have stayed away anyway. I had forgotten how lovely our property is and some of the trees have recovered without the beavers - umm - I mean horses - gnawing at them.

homestead hill - there's an old stone foundation just over the crest
Oh yeah - my idle pleasure (there were many) but I'll pick for today having a hot bath in the afternoon sun. If I wait till just the right time in the afternoon, the sun actually shines right into my tub. I love it and it never fails to make me feel happy. Grace had her little tub beside mine where she splashed around in the water a bit - I think she liked it too.

Life is good - retirement is wonderful :-)