Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Step or Drawer at a Time

I started the new year off right this morning by getting on the "dreadmill" as soon as I got up out of bed (yesterday doesn't count - the 1st is always a recovery day!). I just did 1 mile, but its a step (no pun intended) in the right direction. I put some fast music on my Zen (Rebel Yell is exactly 4 miles/per hour) - that really gets me motivated, plus I have a nice window to look out of. Its not so bad and in fact somewhat enjoyable.

This morning Spike started talking to us in his doggy voice - we didn't know what he was asking for (he didn't want to go outside), but then he brought "the bag" and dropped it at Carm's feet. At that point I asked Carm if he had fed the dogs - no - he thought I had. Poor dears! Last year, as one of his service dog tasks, I taught Spike to bring me a little bag/purse with my medications. Its not a toy and he's not allowed to play with it but he always gets a treat when its brought on command - we sometimes practice when I'm fixing their supper meat and if he's really excited about being fed he'll bring it and drop it at my feet. Today he used it to let us know that he wanted his breakfast.

Yesterday Carm started organizing some papers. He's looking for our marriage certificate - we have no idea where it is, so as he searched he pulled out some old stuff and got a start on things. He's inspired me to start my own re-org. Today I started with my sock & underwear dresser but I want to make sure I get into the habit of doing something each day. We have months of tidying, organizing and cleaning to get done but its best not to think in those terms - one drawer at a time is less overwhelming. Maybe the house will be in good enough shape to have someone come in to stay next winter so we can take a few months and travel south with the camper.

Today's word of the day is flummox (FLUM-uks verb - confuse). The lack of snow has flummoxed me into believing that it might be spring, however the cold wind has brought me to my senses. Its just -2C now, down from +2C earlier, and cloudy - though not as dark as yesterday. It seems impossible that just a few weeks ago I was rhapsodizing about the beautiful snow sparkling in the sunlight. No doubt though, that since it is just Jan 2nd, I will get more chances (to rhapsodize that is).

I almost forgot my idle pleasure of the day - soaking in a hot bubble bath after a walk in the freezing wind - it would have been better with a glass of wine or maybe a hot chocolate, but that's really just guilding the lily!