Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coiffing the Poodles

one done, one to go
Today is a poodle clipping day, no fun for dogs (or me for that matter). Its been ages since their last hair cut, and I think I left Spike's body last time so he's especially furry. He won't be as warm, but hopefully he won't collect as much snow either. All this getting wet is likely to make him mat, which we don't want. There's something to be said for wash & wear dogs like Kabira.

After the dogs were naked we went outside, just as the sun came out - it was a truely beautiful winter day. The snow was just dazzling in the sunlight. It wasn't too cold either. The dogs had a blast and their lack of fur didn't slow them down in the snow one bit.

When we got back inside we were both famished as we had skipped breakfast - time for lunch. I had some spinach in the fridge, leftover from the party last weekend, so got on the internet and googled "spinach egg" and came up with this, a spinach, mushroom and goat cheese fritatta - perfect as I also had some mushrooms to use up. It was easy and delicious and made enough leftovers for our breakfast tomorrow. For camping I'll just lightly scramble it or I could broil in the camper oven to finish it off.

Today's word of the day is urbane (er-BAYN adj : notably polite or polished in manner). Neither Carm nor I would normally be considered urbane as neither of us is really that polished. Maybe if you dress us up in suits we might be closer. We both try to be polite, although I think I'm better at it than Carm. Maybe you could consider us urbanish, which as a word looks a bit like (you) u r (are) banished, which is maybe what polite society would like to do to us!

Today's Inspiration Peak:
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900
Irish Author, Poet and Playwright
Idle pleasure today was going outside just as the sun came out. It was beautiful, especially since it snowed again last night. My other pleasures: getting into freshly washed flannel sheets ; seeing a new pink geranium bloom ; testing out a new recipe and having it turn out ; sweeping up the last of the poodle hair and knowing that the job is done for another 6 weeks.