Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squash with names of Nuts

Today's word of the day is gloaming (GLOH-ming noun : twilight, dusk). From the window she watched the sun dip behind the horizon. As the day moved into gloaming, before the moon rose, the shrubs outside the window turned from friendly to spooky intruders. The wind howled against the limbs making the bushes groan as they tried to escape from the earth's grasp. She wished for daylight to return. Okay - so I'm not going to be a fiction writer anytime soon - it's fun to play at it though!

Carm was talking investments, dividends, rates of return, etc - I started out listening and then I found myself thinking to myself "I wonder why so many kinds squash have the names of nuts - butternut, acorn, what others are there?"... I kind of wandered off into my own little world. I've got to find myself a book that explains all this stuff and try to get myself interested. After all its our future he's talking about - you'd think I'd pay more attention.

I made another Moroccan style vegetable stew today - lots of chickpeas, zucchini, onion, butternut squash, carrots, green beans, peas. Healthy and low fat. The diet that I follow suggests that we eat at least one cup of legumes a day. So we often have some chickpeas in our salad at lunch and try for a few legume rich suppers a week, last night lentils, tonight chickpeas.

I finished two library books this week: Between, Georgia ; and Drop the Pink Elephant. One fiction, one self-improvement. They were good, but not the greatest, although the Drop the Pink Elephant had good ideas on how to better communicate. I will try to put some to practice. I've read more in the last few weeks than I have for ages! Life is good.