Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gramma's House

still long shadows at 4pm
It started out sunny today - the day held great promise, but by 10 am it had clouded over and was quite gloomy, and then by 1 pm it was sunny again, hurrah.

Today's word of the day is ossify (AH-suh-fye verb - 1: to become or change into bone or bony tissue ; 2: to become or make hardened or set in one's ways). As each day flows into the next we are both slowly ossifying into our morning routine. After letting the dogs out, feeding them and Grace we both turn to our computers with cup of coffee in hand. We rarely deviate from this routine, although I should be adding the dreadmill in there somewhere. It's hard to face before a cup of coffee, and then again worse after as the coffee sloshes about. Next week, vacation is over and no more excuses otherwise I will become totally ossified.

its still Christmas at Gramma's house!
Gramma LOVES Christmas almost as much
as she loves me - woof
We headed into town today, this time to have lunch with my parents. Before we left we racked our brains about what other stops or shopping we could do while we were there but didn't come up with anything since Future Shop still doesn't have the xbox. My brother Graham and his family were also at my parents - it was nice to catch up again so soon after Christmas festivities. Spike came with us - he loves to go to "gramma's house" - he gets quite excited when I ask him if he wants to go. Its good for my niece and nephew too as they don't get any other exposure to dogs and are a bit afraid - Spike is slowly winning them over as he thinks they are wonderful. He got all brushed up to go and is now a fluffy, puffy dog. I don't think his hair has ever been so long but he's totally cute, although maybe a bit warm.

Now for a nice quiet evening tucked cuddled up on our cosy sofa and maybe a glass of wine to warm the innards after all, its a work day tomorrow - oh wait - NOT.