Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wetwood not Hardwood

It was snowy for most of the day, perfect for staying inside. The sun did peak out for a little while so out we went to play in the snow. The snow in the field is now over Spike's back - he really has to work hard to plow his way through it, but that doesn't stop him from chasing snowballs. Even Bella was having to work. Kabira didn't come out to the field, I don't think she likes the cold snow against her mostly bare belly (and who can blame her). Spike and Bella however had a blast in the fresh snow, they are like two little kids jumping and running and making snow angels. Once they were back in the house they left lakes of water on the floor. Spike still had huge snowballs stuck between his legs and under his arms - he was so miserable I had to lie him on his back and pick the ice out bit by bit. Then he crashed out for the rest of the day.

Last night we watched "Martin Clunes A Man and His Dog" and since it had dogs in it Bella watched the whole thing with us. She loves any TV with dogs and will sit and watch an entire hour long program, even keeping her attention through commercials. She know's the music for the "Dog Whisperer" and comes running at the first few notes. We have to sometimes keep her from jumping up to the TV, but mostly she just watches intently. She especially loves Agility, maybe because she's done some herself. I wish I knew what she was seeing and her intrpretation of it. The other dogs will watch a bit, but not with the same attention span.

I got some more sewing projects done today and guess what - ZERO seam ripper! I did one more pillow and the throw cloth that I have on the back of the loveseat. Since Spike spends so much time there I've had a towel across the back cause easier to wash a towel than the whole cover. Now the throw is coordinated with the rest of the fabrics. I'm a coordinating fiend these days! Once I got the throw and the new pillow done I set them out on the loveseat - it seemed to me that it needed just one more fabric to finish the look and wouldn't you know it the pillows that I made for the camper look just right. Its funny how all these fabrics purchased at different times have fit together. They have one unifying thing - color - there's a few blues that are in all of them. I guess I know what my favorite color is (other than pink of course).

Today's word of the day is euphoria (yoo-FOR-ee-uh noun : a feeling of well-being or elation). I could say that I've been euphoric since retiring as I've felt very good and have had a feeling of WOW, this is just too good to be true. However, euphoria is a word often used to describe the hypo-mania associated with bipolar, and since I don't feel hypo-manic at all, and instead feel very centered and normal, I will refrain from using that word to describe my own feelings. Retirement is good, I haven't had this length of wellness for years ;-)

What was my pleasure today... it could have been the fluffy white snow puffing up at every step ; or maybe it was having leftovers for lunch and thinking that I was sick of them until I took my first bite and I wasn't sick of them after all, it still tasted good ; or maybe it was taking still warm sheets out of the dryer and holding them in my cold arms ; for sure it was going outside just after the sun came out and watching the dogs leap and play in the fresh snow ; certainly it was laying out all my recent sewing projects and being happy with the results ; or maybe it was thinking about the word of the day and knowing that it wouldn't describe me right now. I guess its hard to choose today!

It's gotta be down there somewhere